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How Our Home Food Delivery Service Works

American Frozen Foods makes dinner planning so much easier by delivering  the foods you love right into your freezer. Individual portion packaging gives you great flexibility in preparing healthy and delicious meals for the entire family.

By eliminating the middle men, and delivering directly to you, we can provide you with healthy, all-natural food, at an affordable price.

How it Works:

1 - Contact Us

Click here to request an appointment. There’s no obligation, and no pressure. We’ll provide you with some additional information, and if you think our service might work for you, you can take the next step.

2 - Schedule a Session to choose your Menu

An American Frozen Foods consultant will meet with you to create a menu based on your family’s preferences and dietary restrictions. Choose from over 250 healthy options! At your option, we will meet with you by phone, or zoom, or in-person.

3  - Convenient delivery right into your freezer

Your order will be scheduled for delivery on a day and time that's convenient. He'll rotate your existing stock and pack away your new order.

4 - Enjoy!!

Enjoy gourmet quality, all-natural foods!


Rather than create an additional expense, our shop-at-home food service is designed to fit comfortably into your current budget. Typically, our service will offset 55% to 65% of your weekly supermarket expense, while providing a healthier, better tasting, and more convenient alternative to retail food shopping. Customers tell us they make fewer impulse purchases, because they spend less time in the grocery store. In addition, many restaurant and take-out expenses decrease, because customers feel they have better meal options conveniently on hand, right at home!

We customize each order, so the variety, sizes, and quantities of the items included in your menu - and therefore the pricing - are based on the dietary needs and preferences of your family. Below are some ranges of pricing based on different family sizes.

For 2 Adults
2 Adults with  Young Child

per week

For 2 Adults
up to 2 children
under 12

per week

For 3 Adults
2 children
over 12 

per week

For 4 Adults
or more

per week