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Since 1970

Our Story

We make healthy eating convenient and easy !!

In today’s busy world we are pulled in so many different directions. Preparing healthy meals for your family can be a challenge. The process of driving to the store, choosing your meals, driving home, preparing them, and finally sitting down to eat, can wear on you over time. What if we told you we could make healthy eating more convenient and stress-free?

We are American Frozen Foods. A shop from home company committed to providing busy families high quality, portion controlled food products delivered right to your door.

We customize every order to work within your existing budget and tailor meal plans to your family's eating habits. Each portion is individually vacuum sealed and flash frozen to lock in all of the tender and tasty goodness. Most of our meals go from freezer to plate within 30 minutes!

In 1921, we began as a family owned and operated company providing restaurants and hotels with high quality food products and a delivery service they could rely on. In 1970, we extended our products to individual consumers. We are proudly celebrating our 48th year of serving over 400,000 families in 17 states.

We believe that the longevity and growth of our company is the strongest testimonial to the quality of our product and service. For that, we thank you.

Your family deserves the best. Give us a try, your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed!