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There Is a Better Way to Shop!

Are you frustrated by supermarket shopping?
Wouldn't you like to avoid the supermarket hassle?

392180jjvm3wmtbThink about your last supermarket experience:

  • The uncooperative shopping cart
  • The seemingly endless search for your desired items
  • The long check-out lines
  • The lugging of grocery bags to your car...and again into your home.

AFF has the Solution: In the comfort of your home, an AFF food counselor will help you design a food program specifically tailored to meet the needs of your family. Choose from a wide variety of the finest, All-Natural beef, poultry, fish, pork and other gourmet meats. We also feature healthy vegetables and juices, as well as desserts and gourmet convenience meals.

Are you sure about supermarket safety?
Wouldn't you like to be assured that the food you purchase is of the highest quality?

392169i5sx1b6c9Even in today's modern high-tech supermarkets, the foods you purchase can be exposed to unsafe conditions at almost any point. You may have seen any of a number of disturbing news stories relating to unclean and unsafe conditions found at certain supermarkets and food processing plants. Stores typically stock their meats and perishables in open cases or enclosed cases with frequently opened doors, making it nearly impossible to maintain ideal temperatures.

AFF has the Solution: All of our products have passed rigid selection standards, which means that you don't have to worry, because your family is getting what they deserve - the best. Your order is filled at our state-of-the-art processing facility. Continuous U.S.D.A. inspection ensures the freshness and cleanliness of our products.

Wouldn't you like to add convenience to your busy life?
How much is your time worth?

empty_fuel_car7Although modern supermarkets have come a long way, going out to shop for food takes considerable time and expense. This is especially so when you consider how much your time is worth, and the cost of fuel. Research shows the average family goes food shopping 2 1/2 times per week. Our studies that show that we save our customers at least one of those shopping trips. On average, this means a reduction of time spent shopping of at least a couple of hours a week.

AFF has the Solution: Your order is delivered to you in a freezer truck, and packed into your freezer by one of our courteous drivers*. All products are temperature controlled throughout this process, guaranteeing you and your family the most nutritious, safest, best tasting food available today.

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Please continue exploring our web site and find out why American Frozen Foods is your best alternative to traditional shopping methods.

*Within our current truck delivery territories.